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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Saturday 10-6 Fort Custer Recreation Area

Camping at Fort Custer State Recreation Area

We woke to rain and it stayed around most of the day. I went for a walk to take the garbage to the dumpsters, by the time I got back I was out of breath considering it was very humid. We spent most of the day reading. Larry and I both finished a book and started a new one. The rain did stay away long enough for us to barbecue hamburgers for dinner.

We spent the last two night in Fort Custer State Recreation Area. It's a beautiful park. There are two camping loops, 3 cabins, 2 mini cabins and 3 shelters. The rv sites are very roomy and have a lot of trees to give you some privacy. The power boxes are in the far back of the site so we had to use an extension cord to reach it. Each loop has swings, bathrooms, hiking trails (too wet to use) and they have horseshoe pits. There are three lakes for fishing. 

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