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Monday, October 15, 2018

Sunday 10-14 A Rainy Day

Rainy Day

It started raining last night a little before midnight and continued through the night. In the morning when we woke up it still was raining. We prefer not to travel in the rain but we need to be in Paris, Texas on Thursday and according to the forecast we will be unable to avoid driving in the rain.

Leaving today had one big advantage, it was Sunday and we had to get across a couple of big cities, much easier on Sunday than during the week. We started the day off by driving through Cincinnati, after crossing the Ohio River we were in Kentucky. We drove through Kentucky, Tennessee and into Missouri. Larry knew there was a casino just into Missouri and he knows I like to gamble. The name of the casino was Lady Luck. In order to get to Missouri we had to cross the Mississippi River, from the bridge we were able to look down and see cotton growing. It was a great view, we had not seen cotton growing from above before. It looks like the farmer's going to have a great crop. We arrived at the casino about 5:00. After dinner I went to the casino and gambled for three hours and gave them $2.00. I had a great time.

The drive today was interstate and four lane highways. We couldn't see much because the weather was nasty. We ended up driving 435 miles, which made it a long day. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

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