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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Tuesday 10-23 Still Catching Up

Another day of catching up

It was overcast most of the day but it got up to 70 degrees.

Both the truck and car tags are due this month, in Texas we have to get an inspection before we can renew the tags. This morning we took the truck into Valvoline Instant Oil Change and got it inspected, no one was there so we were in and out. As we were checking out we told them we were coming back with the car. When we arrived there was a truck finishing up so we were able to get right in. 
Valvoline Instant Oil Change
After the inspections we went to Belton to get the new tags. While there we also renewed the boat trailer tags. Once again a sweet part of living in small town Belton is no wait, we walked right up to the counter and were taken care of by a very nice lady, only took a few minutes. Of course we could have done these online but since it is so easy to use the office and we were going to be in town anyway it was simpler. Also if we did it online we would have to wait for them to mail us the tags.
We have this really neat irrigation controller called Rachio, it connects via the internet which allows you to control it from anywhere and it sends messages to your phone letting you know when it ran, it also looks at the weather forecast to predict if it rained or if it is going to rain and based on that it decides if it should run or not. If it decides not to water it sends you a message telling you why. While we were gone Larry noticed we were getting messages about rain happening but we were not getting any messages about the rain sensor being activated. Rachio says you really don't need a rain sensor since they use the forecast information but sometimes we get rain at the house and the monitoring station for the forecast does not get rain, or vice versa. When we got home Larry ordered a new rain sensor, it arrived this morning, it is mounted on the eve of the house so he got the ladder out and replaced it, all fixed.

Rachio will also adjust your watering schedule based on seasonal information, when September rolls around it will water less because it should be getting cooler, that might be true in some parts of the country but not normally in Texas. Larry has this feature turned off but he keeps an eye on the temperatures and while we are on the road he makes adjustments to the schedule, you don't need as much water in October as you do in July.

Larry wants to get a pair of prescription sun glasses, his last eye exam was in 2011 so he called and got an appointment with the optometrist for today at 1:15. He went ahead and let them dilate his eyes, the optometrist told him he could not read or use a computer for the next three hours, he also couldn't do anything outside, didn't leave him a lot of options, he watched some of the YouTube folks we follow on the TV. I finished up doing laundry.  
Doing laundry
In the evening we watched a GizWiz episode via YouTube and a few episodes of House via Amazon. We had another busy day. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Watching television

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