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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Monday 10-29 Sundancers Halloween Dance

Halloween celebration with the Sundancers

We started the day out by taking the Equinox to Don Ringler Chevrolet to get the oil changed. Larry usually changes the oil in our vehicles but the Equinox is still under warranty so we take it to the dealer. Larry called last week and made an appointment for this morning. He thought about me and made the appointment for 10:00 so I didn't have to get up early. We were there about an hour.

The water heater in the house is a ways from the kitchen so it takes a bit to get hot water to the sink. Years ago Larry installed a circulating water pump to allow the water to get hot faster. When we got back from our trip the pump had quit. Larry decided to try another option and ordered an under-counter water heater from The Home Depot. We picked it up today but they did not have the correct plumbing accessories to install it, we went to a plumbing supply company in Temple and got the parts we needed. Now Larry needs to find time to install it.

On the way home we stopped by Shipley Do-nuts. We had received coupons in the mail and we got two free glazed donuts. The coupons expire on Thursday so we used one of them.

By the time we got home it was time for lunch. After Larry decided to change the oil in the Minnie. First he took the Minnie for a spin to warm up the oil. When he got back he put the Minnie on the side of the house and changed the oil. Larry puts Valvoline Oil in the Minnie, they changed the container. It use to have a handle on top which made it easy to lift and carry, they removed the top handle, now it's a pain to pick up. The pour hole was redesigned with a lip that helps with pouring the oil in the vehicle. I guess the changes were good and bad. Once the oil was changed he drained the old oil into the container to recycle it. Then he cleaned everything up.

New oil container

Putting new oil in the Minnie

Cleaning up after the oil change

Draining old oil into the oil container

We have an aerobic septic system and it has to be inspected every four months. While Larry was doing the oil change the septic company came by to check it out. He found that compressor was no longer working. There is an alarm on the system, it is very loud and must have gone off while we were gone, someone probably got tired of hearing it and flipped the switch to silence it so we had no idea anything was wrong. Larry ordered a new compressor and will replace it himself.

In the evening we went to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers. They had their Halloween Dance. This year they invited Dan Nordbye to call along with Brad Caldwell, Lucy and Jerry Pate cued the round dancing. They had nine squares and a couple more squares sitting out. The dance started at 6:30 and was over at 9:30. They asked people to bring finger foods, I made brownies with cookie dough in them. There was a lot of food to snack on. A lot of  the dancers did a super job of dressing up for Halloween. There were a lot of round dancers dancing in between each square dancing tip. We had an outstanding night of dancing to Brad and Dan. I had fun dancing a couple of rounds, one with Howard and the other with Jerry.

Brad Caldwell and Dan Nordbye

Howard and Betty round dancing to Lucy

Friends having fun dancing to Dan and Brad

Jeanne having a great time

Stephanie goofing off

One of the great customs we saw

Round dancing with Howard

Round dancing with Jerry

Gail and Dan Clairmont


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