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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Friday 6-29 Fourth of July Barbecue

Doing the Friday Happy Dance

We had a wonderful day.
The other day Larry organized some of the electronic wires in the kitchen so they don't look a mess. He did a good job but he wanted to make it even neater so he decided to make a box to cover the wires. We actually had everything we needed to build the box but he also wanted to change the shelving in his workroom and he didn't have everything he needed for that so off to The Home Depot we went. 

Larry has this shelf with built in blue tooth speakers that he never uses so he decided he would remove that shelf and put another one in its place. The shelf is mounted next to another one so he decided he would make one long shelf instead of two separate shelves and move the old short shelf down lower to give him more storage space. First he removed all his stuff off the shelves. Then he located a stud in the wall and installed an upright bar for the brackets that are going to hold the shelf. When we were in town we bought a few brackets and a board. After the brackets were hung we screwed the shelf to the brackets. Then he moved the old brackets down and screwed the old shelf back to them. Then he put everything back on the shelves. Now he has a lot more space for his stuff.

Screwing the upright bracket to the wall

The new shelf installed

The finished project

Every year the City of Belton starts the Fourth of July week out with a Kick-Off Lunch at Yettie Polk Park. In the past we have not attended, always thought it would be too busy plus it is outside in the heat but this year we decided to give it a try. We were surprised, the line wasn't long, there was shade and a nice breeze. Schoepf's Bar-B-Que sold the barbecue for $5.00. You could get either a chop beef sandwich or a sausage wrap, a bag of chips and a soda or water. There were tables set up under the trees or you could sit on concrete benches. The event was very well organized and everyone was having a great time.

Schoepf''s Bar-B-Cue

Volunteers making the sandwiches and serving people when they arrive

People sitting under the trees enjoying the barbecue with friends

After lunch Larry started on building the box for the kitchen. I helped when he needed me. After determining the size he used his new saw to cut some thin plywood into pieces. He needed a hole in the back and slots on the bottom to allow wires to go through, after getting all the pieces properly cut he used an air stapler to assemble the box. He applied stain and will need to apply a urethane finish tomorrow. The box looks great.

Sawing the plywood

Assembling the box

While Larry worked on this I worked on my puzzle and book.
In the evening we watched the first episode of the fifth season of Endeavour on PBS. Then I worked out with Gold's Gym and Just Dance for an hour. We had a great day.

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