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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Wednesday 6-13 New Toy

We had a hot day

It officially got to 100 degrees today. I was glad we were in the house under the air conditioner. 

Larry likes keeping up on new technology. Yesterday at the dentist office they had installed Amazon Alexa Shows in the patient rooms and Larry was able to play with it and listen to it, he was really impressed, when we got home he started doing research. The Echo Show is on sale for Fathers Day but for what it does it is still too expensive. While researching it via forums and YouTube Larry discovered that the Amazon Fire Tablets would do everything the Show would do, the sound is not as good but if that is a problem it can be fixed with speakers. The tablets were also on sale, Larry decided to purchase a Fire HD 8, it will do all the same commands as the Alexa devices and it has a screen to display timers, music, weather, and everything else you can do via a tablet and almost all of it can be done via voice commands. It was on sale through Amazon for 60% less than the price of a Show. He also found Best Buy had one in stock for the same price. He ordered it online and when the store opened we were there to pick it up. When we got home I opened the package. It was very well packaged and came with a power adapter and cable. It is a bit bigger than our old tablet and heavier.

The Fire HD8 Tablet is an Amazon device and since Amazon and Google don't play nice with each other it was not able to use Apps. from the Google's Play store. By watching YouTube videos Larry was able to figure out how to get the Google Play Store to work. He can now download and install the Apps. he uses on our other tablet and phone. Larry likes figuring things out. He spent the entire day getting it setup and playing with it. The Fire works great.

The Fire HD 8

While Larry worked with the new toy I worked on my puzzle.

In the evening we watched the Wonder Woman dvd we have. Then I worked out for a half hour with Just Dance. We had a super day.  

Exercising with Just Dance

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