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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wednesday 6-27 It's Hot!!!

It's hot!!!
We had another 100 degree day, that makes day seven. The wind has continued to blow keeping us from the lake.

Larry did a small project this morning. We keep the Fire Tablet plugged into the charging station all the time. When I bake cookies I pull the recipe up on the tablet and either unplug the tablet and bring it closer to me or I walk back and forth for directions. The other day Larry bought a mount to hang it under the kitchen cabinet to make it more convenient for me. It looks great.

New bracket for the Fire Tablet installed

Larry didn't like seeing all the wires from the tablet and phone laying around unorganized so off to Walmart we went to see what we could find to help. While there we picked up a few grocery items. When we got home he organized the wires, they look fine but he may still do something else.

I worked on and off on my puzzle and annual book. Larry read.

The other night I tried baking some Butterscotch Chip Shortbread Cookies, they came out flat and didn't look like shortbread cookies but they tasted ok. This evening I tried baking them again, this time they came out excellent. There were a couple of things I did different, I chilled the dough to make sure it was firm and I put the dough on a cold cookie sheet instead of a preheated pan. 

 In the evening we finished watching Case Histories. I like the series very much but there's only two seasons. Then I worked out with a Jazz routine I learned. We had another laid back day.       

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