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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tuesday 10-3 Oakwood Lakes State PArk

The sun is back!!!

We spent three nights at Pelican Lake State Park and had a great time in between the rain showers. The rain came back at midnight, right on schedule and didn't leave until early in the morning. We took our time getting ready to leave so the roads could dry a little. On the way out of the park we stopped to dump the tanks and fill the fresh water tank. We didn't have to dump the tanks but we were almost out of fresh water. Once we finished we were back on the road. 

Our next destination was Oakwood Lakes State Park which was only 50 miles away. The drive to the park was on a beautifully maintained two lane highway.

When we arrived at the park we drove around to select a site, there are two campgrounds and we drove around both of them. We really like the older campground considering it had a lot more trees on the sites but they were working on building a new bathroom so we decided to stay in the other campground near the bathroom with running water. The sites in the campground are very nice. You can get one that looks over the lakes, one that has a lot of growth or one that has more sun. Since it is cool outside we decided on one that had more sun. After we found the site Larry called to make a reservation for two nights.

Oakwood Lakes State Park welcome sign

 After making the reservation I made soup for lunch. Next we went on a walk around the campground via a trail to the island that has a trail. In places the trail around the campground allows horses so we had to watch where we stepped. While walking the trail we went by a fishing pier, there was a bus there. As we walked by we saw that a group of people from a retirement home were on the pier fishing and in the ramada eating lunch, we thought this was great. Once we got to the island we walked the half mile Tetonkaha Nature Trail. There were 14 different places to stop to learn about the plants on the island. The trail was a little challenging and runs through trees and out in the open. After hiking the loop we walked to the day area where there were ramadas, disc golf course, a beach and picnic area. We didn't go to the beach but we rested in the picnic area. The day area was very nice. On the way back we spotted Ol' Spot Mortimer's Cabin. Spot built the cabin in 1870 after moving here from New York. He made a living here by being a trapper. When his wife died he moved away. When he remarried he moved back with his new wife and her children. The cabin was kept up very well. When we got back we had walked for an hour and a half for over 4 miles. 

Fishing on the pier

Ol' Spot Mortimer cabin built in 1870

A view of one of the lakes

After we had dinner I went for a fifteen minute walk to get my steps in for the day. While I was doing this Larry called his sister Louise. When I got back he was still on the phone so I filled the water bottles and did the dishes. The rest of the evening we stayed inside and read. We had a super day.  

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