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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Saturday 10-28 Doing This and That

Doing this and that

We had another cool day and the wind was down. It was so cool I put on a light jacket. 

Our car has been acting up. When we got back from our trip it would run rough and stall out now and then. Larry used an electric code reader which indicated one of the camshaft sensors is having a problem so he called the dealer and made an appointment for Monday at 7:30 am. He knows that I don't normally get up that early so we decided to drop it off this morning and I won't have to get up early Monday.

The Minnie needs an oil change and Larry does it himself. On the way home we stopped by Walmart to pick up an oil filter and oil. As we were going into Walmart we saw some cars in the parking lot and Larry remembered reading in the paper about a car show to raise money for The Children Miracle Organization. When we finished doing our shopping we put the items in the truck, then we walked around the car show. It was a very small show. While walking around Larry stopped and talked to a gentleman about his motorcycle. They talked about different bikes that each one of them had owned. After walking around the show we went home.

In the afternoon Larry double checked the water pump in the Minnie for leaks, he didn't find any so he put everything back in the closet and I helped put the closet door back on.  

In the evening we watched a movie off of Amazon called Arrival. It was made from the novel "Story of Your Life". It was a Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery movie starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker. It was a slow movie. Then we started watching a BBC series called Archangel starring Daniel Craig.   

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