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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tuesday 10-10 A cold damp day

It's cold!!!!

It rained all night and into the morning. When we woke up it has just stopped raining and everything was wet. The temperature was 37 degrees. The rain went completely away by 9:00 but it was overcast. The wind was down a bit from yesterday. 

We were planning to go to town but we decided not to considering the roads were wet and it was cold. Instead we walked around for an hour and fifteen minutes. We walked the trail to the dog park. As we were walking by the river we saw a beautiful bald eagle flying along the river. I had gloves on and by the time I got them off to take a picture he was too far away. It was a very nice dog park, there was a section for small dogs and one for the big dogs. It had an agility course and a lot of room for dogs to play. It also had an area where you can have a picnic. The park was a memorial park for John Douangdara, who died in Afghanistan alongside Bart, a military work dog and 29 fellow soldiers in 2011. We continued our walk down the trail to G Street. G Street took us through a neighborhood and back to the campground. The walk started out cold but by the time we got home we weren't cold. 

Agility Course at the dog park

Memorial Monument of John Douangdara and Bart

In the afternoon we went to the office to pay for another night. Then we went on another walk, this time we walked by the YMCA complex towards the main highway. We walked through another neighborhood and back to the campground. We walked for another hour and fifteen minutes.

While we were eating dinner the sun came out and it felt good. Even though it was cold all day we still had fun.

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