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Monday, October 9, 2017

Sunday 10-8 Do you know where is the ice cream capitol of the world?

Just having fun

This morning we left Rock Valley Iowa and headed towards another city park, which was only 50 miles down the road. 

On the way we stopped in Le Mars, Iowa which is the Ice Cream Capitol of the World. It is the home of Blue Bunny ice cream. Le Mars has been the home to Wells' Dairy since 1913. Fred H. Well and his sons started making ice cream in Le Mars in 1925. He partnered up with his brother two years later and started distributing to Sioux City. Then in 1928 they sold out to Fairmont Ice Cream. Seven years later the brothers started making ice cream again. They had a contest on naming their new company, the winner got $25. They decided on "Blue Bunny" because he remembered how his son liked seeing the blue bunnies in the department stores at Easter time. 

We thought the sign said the Blue Bunny Visitor Center opened at at 10 so we parked the Minnie and walked over only to discover it didn't open until noon. That was ok considering we saw that there were ice cream cones around town sponsored by different organizations. We walked around for about a half hour. We had fun.

Eating my ice cream cone

A beautiful cone of Jesus

Blue Bunny Visitor Center

The campground we spent the night in was Deer Ridge in Hinton Iowa. The GPS was going to take us down a dirt road but Larry decided to go through town to see if there was another road he could take. We took a paved road but to get to the actual campground you had to go down a dirt road. We decided to try the road, it was less than a mile so that was ok. The campground road is pea gravel and the sites are the same but the campground was very nice. Once we found a site, which was no problem we paid for the night. There were a few other RVs when we got there but by 2:00 we were by ourselves. We have been on the road for over six weeks and the Minnie had a lot of dead bugs on it and was filthy from driving in rain. There were no signs about not washing your RV so Larry washed the Minnie. It looks a lot better. By the time he was finished he was tried. The reason we picked this campground was because it has a lot of hiking trails but after washing the Minnie, Larry was too tired to try to attempt the trails. I wanted to get my steps so I walked around the campground. 

As I was walking I took pictures. The campground is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, farmland and a lot of trees. I took a short trail down to the trail head parking lot which is a small day area. There was a small lake and people fishing on the banks. The trail was only .2 mile but it was down hill so when I was going back it was a challenge considering it was pretty steep. We had another gorgeous day in Iowa.    

Camping at Deer Ridge Campground

Lake at the day area

Playground at the park

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