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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Monday 10-16 Back on Track

After spending the night in Missouri we got back on track towards Texas. We drove about 250 miles through Missouri and into Oklahoma. Upon entering into Oklahoma we discovered that the interstate turned into a toll road. The toll sign said for an automobile it would cost $4.50 and a semi truck cost $18.50. We figured we would be somewhere in between. When we reached a toll booth we were happily surprised to only be charged $4.50. A couple miles past the toll booth we exited and there was a sign that said stop to get a refund, just show your receipt, we were refunded half the cost so it only cost us $2.25. This was the cheapest toll we have ever had to pay. 

We took a four lane highway the rest of the way to our destination. When we took the toll road it was very well maintained and we saw people working on the road to make sure it stayed that way. When we got on this highway it was very rough. Larry drives slower than other people so he stays in the right lane but it was too rough, he didn't want to beat up the Minnie so he went into the other lane and it was a lot better. He stayed there until the right lane got better. For lunch we sopped at a Braum's restaurant, we shared a delicious grilled chicken cranberry apple salad. Braum's is known for their ice cream so for dessert we shared a cup of pineapple cashew ice cream.

Our final stop was at Creek Nation Casino. The casino is small and it has five RV parking sites with electric hookups. The casino has a non-smoking area with its own entrance, however, the Players Club signup is located in the main casino. It was funny because there were no smoking signs at each window and yet it was located in the smoking area. The lady that took care of us was friendly and easy going. What a deal, they give me $15.00 to play with and a free RV spot with electric for the night. I had fun playing with the casino's money for 6 hours and left with $10.00 in cash. We had a great day.     

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