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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Monday 10-9 Scenic Park Campground

Wow, what a day!!!

We decided to leave Deer Ridge Campground this morning considering there was a chance of rain in the afternoon. We headed to Sioux City, Iowa, which was only 12 miles away. 

Larry was looking at the Minnie's tires and decided they needed to be rotated so he went online and made an appointment for 9:30 this morning at Discount Tires. We arrived there about 9:00 and they got us right in. As the worker was rotating the tires he found that one of the extended valve stems was damaged. Larry happened to have an extra one which surprised the worker. When we bought the Minnie, Larry had all the tires replaced and at that time he had extended valve stems installed on the inside dual wheels so that he could easily check the air pressure. He also got an extra one just in case he ever needed one. He has been carrying that extra one around for almost a dozen years and now he needed it. These long stems are really hard to find, he has to order them online. 

Once the Minnie was finished we drove around Sioux City. Larry wanted to check out the public parking available because we're planning to visit the city tomorrow. He found the parking and was happy with it. The final stop today was Scenic Park Campground. 

Welcome to Nebraska sign on the bridge

The Scenic Park Campground is located on the other side of the Missouri River. When we take the bride over the river you are no longer in Iowa, you're in Nebraska. We had no problem getting a site. Scenic Park Campground is run by South Sioux City. It is a gorgeous park. Some people are staying there full time. The park has a playground, concrete trail that goes to town and around the park, restrooms with showers, a YMCA, Aquaplex, soccer fields and a drive in theater. The sites have full hook ups or just electric. It has tent sites and four cabins. The cabins are all different and to me they're ugly. There is a dump station.We took an electric site.  

A Cabin

Another Cabin

Today we walked around the campground using the trail a couple of times. Both walks were cold and windy. Our first walk went walked along the river towards the soccer fields. As we walked down Veterans Ave we saw a beautiful granite wall which was a half scale duplicate of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. We walked for an hour and a half.

The Drive-In Screen

Larry checking out the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall

After we rested a couple of hours we went on our second walk. This time we walked towards town and the bridge that went over the Missouri River. As we were getting closer to the bridge we saw these blue lights so we had to check them out. They were warning lights for boats that there was a bridge. There were green and red lights on the bridge to indicate where the boats should go. On the way back we walked by the YMCA. It has a big swimming pool with a slide and a couple of stands for diving boards. It was a very nice facility. By the time we got home we had walked another 40 minutes.

Our water pump was making a lot of noise so after dinner Larry backed the Minnie up and filled up the water tank. It still was making noise so he adjust the lines to the pump and it quieted it down. 

We spent the rest of the night keeping warm and dry considering the rain came in around 5:00  

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