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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Monday 10-2 Another Day at Pelican Lake Park

Mostly Cloudy Day

Rain came through in the early morning hours and when we woke up everything was still wet outside. The wind was down and every once in awhile the sun did make its appearance. 

After we had breakfast we went for an hour walk around the campground and half of the nature trail. As we were walking by the lake we saw some white pelicans. Last night we saw a few but this morning a lot more showed up. I wanted to get a picture of them so we walked a half mile of the nature trail to get closer. After taking pictures and watching them we headed back to the Minnie. 

Pelicans on the lake

In the afternoon we went for another walk, this time we decided to walk the archery course. There were 14 targets set up on a half mile loop trail. Each target were at different distances. Three of the targets were setup where you shot from four different distances. The target's distances ranged from 80 yards to 20 yards. There is also a stand where people can shot from. When you're on the stand you have to wear a safety rope. It was a very well maintained course. We had a very nice walk.

The platform you shot the target from

The targets at the archery area

The wind was down so for dinner Larry barbecued a hatch chili turkey burger for himself and a tilapia burger for me. We spent the evening relaxing and reading. We had a great day.    

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