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Monday, October 30, 2017

Sunday 10-29 Doing Projects

Doing Projects

We woke up with frost on the grass. What should we do? Well, it was a little chilly to do projects outside but not too cold for a walk. We walked the Nolan Creek Trail for two and half miles. It was a very nice walk along Nolan Creek and down MLK Street.

Larry was getting low on the blue gloves he uses when he dumps the Minnie holding tanks and other projects so we stopped by Harbor Freight to pick up a box of gloves.

When we got home Larry worked on a few projects. First he treated the yard for weeds and fire ants. Next he filled the septic tank with bleach, he hadn't done this since before our trip and it took over two gallons of bleach. He usually does this every month and it takes a little over a gallon.

After lunch we took the Minnie for a ride to warm up the oil. When we got home Larry parked it on the side of the house and changed the oil. He also dumped the holding tanks and decided to empty the water tank and sanitize it with bleach. We filled the water tank up with a mixture of water and bleach, now it will soak overnight.

Draining the oil

Removing the oil filter

Putting new oil in the Minnie

The next project was winterizing the boat. We only use the boat during the summer and every year Larry winterizes it. We pulled the boat out of the garage. Larry emptied the water out of the engine, manifolds and hoses. Then he put the hoses back on. Next he cleaned the extra water out of the boat. We took the platform off before putting the boat back in the garage that way we can walk behind the boat over the winter.

Winterizing the boat

Late in the afternoon we watched an episode of GizWiz and I finished my jigsaw puzzle.

United States Presidents Jig Saw Puzzle

In the evening we finished watching the Archangel series, it really was not that good but it was entertaining. Then we watched the Star Wars movie Rouge One. We have watched it before but we still enjoyed watching it again. We like Star Wars movies. 

Watching television

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