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Friday, October 20, 2017

Thursday 10-19 Paris, Tx. - Our Final Destination

Awesome Day!!!

Our final destination of this trip is Paris Texas. Every year there is a big A2 thru C3 square dance weekend in Paris and it happens to be this weekend. This year there is even more dancing, the dance started today with a Trails End Dance and then there are full days of dancing on Friday and Saturday.

It is only 15 miles from Pat Hayse Lake to Paris. As we were leaving the campground we went to the observation point by the dam and took a few pictures.

The event takes place at the fairgrounds which has RV sites with full hookups. We arrived at 11:00 and the dance wasn't until 8:00. We hadn't danced A for almost two months and by getting there early it gave me a chance to review the moves. 

After lunch I walked over to the registration building and paid for the dancing and three nights of RV parking. When I got there they had a package waiting with the dance schedule and lots of other information. We dance A2 and we just have to walk over to the building right across the street from the RV sites.

In evening we danced for over two hours to five different callers: Vic Cedar, Darryl Lipscomb, Bronc Wise, Tim Ploch and Ross Howell. The dance was run by computer and we ended up sitting out one tip. Our friends Patricia and Larry were there along with a bunch of other friends and folks we know. We did really well considering we haven't danced for about two months. I did get a bit confused a few times. We had a super time.

Larry enjoying the dance

Tim Ploch calling the dance
Friends having fun dancing

Friends enjoying themselves

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