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Friday, October 6, 2017

Thursday 10-5 Why am I excited?

I'm so excited!!!!

Three nights ago when we were relaxing, we heard this beep. Larry got up to see what it was about considering we have a lot of electrical items that beep when the batteries need to be changed. He looked around and couldn't find out what it was, it was driving him crazy. We finally figured out it was the microwave oven, it had a code on the screen. Larry got the manual out and it didn't tell him anything but by searching on the internet he found out it was caused by the circuit board that controls the microwave, he also found out that the board isn't made any more. I use the microwave a lot. He found one at Best Buy that would fit and it was on sale for only $35.00. The closest Best Buy was in Sioux Falls, which was about 100 miles away, he decided to order it. We weren't planning to be in Sioux Falls for a number of days but they said they would hold it until Saturday. We decided to go pick it up today considering it's suppose to rain for the next two days. We could have gotten a similar model at Target close to where we were staying but the reviews on theirs were not very good.

As we were going to Sioux Falls it started to sprinkle. By the time we got to Sioux Falls it was coming down pretty steady but when we got to Best Buy it had slowed down. We walked in and they had it waiting for us at Customer Service. When we got back to the Minnie Larry put it in the slot where the old one came out of, it is smaller but it will work perfectly. Before we left Best Buy we started the generator and tested it out, it works perfect. Now I can heat leftovers.

Our next destination was another state park that was 35 miles south east of Sioux Falls. When we got to the park the lady in the office said they had openings for tonight but the weekend was full. It is suppose to rain for a couple of days so we wanted a site for a couple of nights. She told Larry that they fill up every weekend. She recommended another state park but told Larry he should call since they also normally fill up on weekends, very strange, normally in the fall we find most parks are empty. Larry looked on the internet for other parks and found one 16 miles away in a Iowa city park.

As we were driving to the park we saw four wild turkeys two hens and two chicks. Most city run RV parks are pretty basic and seldom have paved roads but Rock Valley City RV Park is beautiful. The roads around the park are concrete and the sites are also concrete. There is a hiking trail at the campground, a couple of ponds, a river runs by the park, the bathrooms are very nice and have showers. We plan to stay for three nights. 

It started to rain while we were eating lunch so we waited for it to stop, then we went for a walk. The trail that goes around the park also goes to town. The trail is all concrete, easy to walk and you share it with bikes and joggers. It goes through a day area with a disc golf course and a lot of trees. As we walked around we walked by the river, it was flowing fast because of all the rain they have had. The trail took us over the river via an old railroad track that was converted to a paved trail for people. We walked all the way to town where there was a sign at the beginning on the trail saying they had a bike run to celebrate the opening of the trail in 2014. 

When we got to town we walked around the downtown. There were a couple of resale stores, a bakery, a couple of cafes and a few more businesses. It is a very cute town. After walking around we went back to the campground.

By the time we got back we had walked for two hours and over four miles. We met a couple of dogs while we walked. It was a very nice walk. We spent the rest of the day in the Minnie reading. We had a very good day.   

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