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Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday 10-15 Square Dancing to Joe Saltel

The wind blew all night and at times it was very strong. By morning the sun was shining and the wind was down. Before leaving the site Larry filled the fresh water tank then we drove to the dump station and dumped both tanks, now we won't have to dump them until we get home. There were a couple of RVs in front of us so we had to wait a little bit. When the gentleman in front of us was dumping his tanks Larry decided to turn the Minnie around and get ready to dump the tank. It worked perfect, when the gentleman was done Larry dumped our tanks, he put the hose away and was ready to go and the other gentleman was still putting his stuff away.

We were going to stay in Kansas for another day or so but we changed our minds. Joe Saltel, a caller from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas made a Facebook post last night saying he was going to be calling a dance in Raytown Missouri, which is only 75 miles from Topeka so away we went.

Raytown is a suburb of Kansas City and we knew there would be a lot of traffic but it was Sunday so we thought it wouldn't be too bad. The traffic was actually heavier than we would have thought. The highway had enough lanes to but there was one section that was down to two lanes because of construction. It was extremely rough and there was a concrete barrier on both side of the lanes, I was glad Larry was driving and not me considering it was a little scary.

We arrived at Raytown a little after 11 and drove around to find the church where the dance was going to be. The dance wasn't until 6:30 so we had time to kill. We had passed a Planet Fitness a couple of blocks away so we parked in their parking lot and hung around reading. 

The dance started at 6:30 with pre-rounds and was over at 9:30. They had over 12 squares and 10 couples for round dancing. Joe did a super job of calling. The dancers were very friendly. We hadn't danced in over 5 weeks so we weren't sure how well we would do but we ended up doing great. We had a super time.

Joe Saltel and me
We were tempted to spend the night in the church parking lot but Larry didn't want to fight the traffic in the morning so he drove 30 miles to Harrisonville Missouri to a Walmart. It's suppose to be down in the 30s so Larry setup our small propane heater. We had a great day. 

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