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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Wednesday 9-4 Lighthouse and Camping

Having fun camping

We woke up to temperatures in the high 50s and sunshine. There was no wind so Lake Michigan was pretty calm. We weren’t in any hurry to leave Wells State Park because we were only traveling about 60 miles.

I have been doing Microsoft Daily Solitaire Challenges, it is five different types of Solitaire each day. I also have been doing Special Event Solitaire, which happens every other day. You have to complete the special event within 24 hours, with the daily Solitaire you have all month. The Daily Challenges you compete with yourself, the Event Challenge you compete with a group of 100 people. The special events varies, it depends on the event. In order to do the Solitaire Challenges you need internet. We’re going to be without internet for a few days. Well, today was a Tri Peak Tour, it has 30 games. Before leaving Wells State Park I completed 27 of the challenges. That’s ok because the games are only something to do for fun.

We left Wells State Park about 10:00 to head towards our next destination. On the way there we stopped in Escanada to see the Sand Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse is run by the Delta County Historical Society. It closed for the season after Labor Day and wont open again until June 1. We couldn’t walk through the lighthouse but we walked around the grounds. Escanada has a big beautiful city park that has a marina, a walking trail, the lighthouse, a gazebo, it also has grass and a lot of trees. Escanada is was a very pretty town.

Sand Point Lighthouse

As we were going towards our destination we crossed into the Eastern Time Zone so we had to move our clocks ahead an hour. Our next destination was in the Michigan Upper Peninsula. We were headed for Haymeadow Creek Campground in the Hiawatha National Forest. We will be without internet and cell service for awhile. There are seven free campsites located in the campground. There are no services but there is an open hole bathroom. There are a lot of hiking trails. After we setup the Minnie we went for a short hike to the Haymeadow Falls. The falls were small but very nice. After seeing the falls we continued our hike. We hiked for about an hour for two miles. We walked through the forest and along Haymeadow creek. We had to cross Haymeadow Creek via a bridge. The bridge was closed due to damage but it didn’t look too bad so we took it one at a time. As we walked we came to where we had to cross Haymeadow Creek but the small bridge was destroyed. We had to find an alternative route. In the trees we went until we found a place to cross. We exited the trail at the main road which we followed back to the campground. We had a super hike through the Hiawatha National Forest. 

Camping in Hiawatha National Forest

Haymeadow Falls

Larry crossing a small bridge over Haymeadow Creek
Haymeadow Creek

When we got back to the site we relaxed. For dinner we barbecued sausage patties. We had a fantastic day.

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