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Monday, September 9, 2019

Sunday 9-8 Drummond Island

Beautiful Day

I'm so excited, we're going to Drummond Island. In order to get to Drummond Island you have to take a ferry. The ferry is located about 45 miles from where we are camped in Pickford Township and leaves every hour. After breakfast we got the Minnie ready to go. By the time we dumped the tanks and were on the road it was a little after 9:00. The ferry was going to leave at 9:40 so we knew we would have to wait for the next one. When we got to the ferry launch we were pleasantly surprised, we were immediately directed onto a ferry. It cost $28.00 for the Minnie and $2.00 for a passenger. The cost is round trip so we will not have to pay again when we leave. There was only one other pickup on the ferry. It was a short 10 minute ride. It was in the 40's and a little too cold for me to stand outside while going to the island so we sat in the Minnie. It was very exciting.  

Our ferry to Drummond Island
As we excited the ferry we noticed a line of vehicles waiting to get off the island, they were loading a ferry that had gotten there before us, it was going to be full and it looked like our ferry would also be full on the return trip. The schedule was for one ferry an hour but they were running two ferries. We are guessing that on Sunday's all the weekend tourist leave the island so they must run extra ferry trips.

Getting off the ferry

Crossing Lake Huron on the ferry

Drummond Island is the third largest lake island in Lake Huron. It is 134 squares miles in area. When we got there we drove through town and the island a bit, then we went to the Drummond Island Township Park. It's a beautiful park with 48 RV sites and 30 of the sites have electricity. Most of the sites look over the water. We took one that had power but not on the water. We still had a very nice view of the lake. Some of the sites you had to string your electrical cord real far because three sites share a pole. The restrooms are pit toilets but are very clean with air fresher and sanitizer for hands. There are a couple of spickets for drinking water. 

After lunch we walked the nature trail, it is a mile long. At the beginning the trail was hard to find but once you located it it was well marked with arrows and trail maps. It was very easy to walk, you just had to watch the roots of the trees. It went along the shores of Lake Huron and through trees. As we were hiking we came across a sign in front of a big rock, the rock was called Drummond Island Puddingstones. Puddingstone is a jasper conglomerate of subrounded pebbles of red jasper, black chert, white quartzite, hematie and semi-transparent quartz. By looking close at the rock you could see some of the rocks in it.

Camping at Drummond Island Township Park

Another camp site

Sailing on Lake Huron

Drummond Island Puddingstones

Lake Huron after dinner

When we finished our hike we stayed inside and relaxed with a book. I did my event Solitaire games. After dinner we walked around the campground for about a half hour. We had a beautiful day on Drummond Island.  

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