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Monday, September 2, 2019

Sunday 9-1 Closing Day

Saying bye to friends and callers

Today was the closing day of WIPAC. The day started with the Siegmann family doing a Gospel Concert with a live band. The dancing resumed from about 10:00 until 1:00. We danced two hours of C1 to Tom Miller and Johnny Preston. Johnny made the dancing very challenging by having us do lots of lefty moves from positions we're not use to. We had a super morning of dancing. Afterwards we went to the plus hall for the closing hour. It started out by having two round dancing tips. Then all the callers Jerry Story, Johnny Preston, Tom Miller, Mike Hogan and Noah Siegmann called a couple of square dance tips. In between the tips they did a few drawings. One was for $100, another was for free entry for next years WIPAC Festival and another was for the 50/50 pot, which was over $200. Our friend Cyd won the free entry for next year. She was very excited because today was her birthday. Jerry got her up on the stage and the callers all sang happy birthday to her. Then they did the closing tip. Afterwards we formed a friendship ring and thanked everyone. The last thing we did was thank the callers.

Everyone singing happy birthday to Cyd

Noah doing announcements and thanking everyone

A group of dancers from Minnesota dancing hex during a plus tip

Once again Noah and Anna Siegmann did an excellent job with the festival. We danced every C1 tip, we got lots of floor time and we feel we are doing better. The dancers were very helpful. We had a super weekend dancing with friends and meeting new people. The callers did an excellent job.  

After the dance we went back to the Minnie and had lunch. Then we left Washington County Fair Park. Larry drove a little over 90 miles to the Oneida Casino in Green Bay. We stayed here a couple of nights last year so we knew the procedure. I was already a member of their club so there was promotional deal. After setting up the Minnie for the night Larry and I walked over to the casino to pay for the night. While there the lady at the desk updated my card. By the time we got back to the Minnie it was dinnertime. 

After dinner I walked over to the casino to catch the shuttle. They have two casinos, one is just a short walk from the RV, the other is further away and you can take the shuttle. I took the shuttle to the hotel casino because it has a non-smoking section. I walked through the casino and didn't find a slot machine that I liked, they all required more money than I wanted to gamble. When the shuttle showed back up I took it back to the smaller casino. I played the slots for a few hours and then walked back to the Minnie. I needed to give my eyes a rest from the smoke. After resting my eyes for about a half hour I walked back to the casino. I played the slots until midnight when the casino closed. While I was gambling Larry stayed in the Minnie and caught up on the YouTube videos he follows. I had fun gambling, I ended up giving the casino $9.00 in about five hours. 

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