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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Tuesday 9-17 Sprague Brook Park

Yesterday we took a 30 second video of Niagara Falls. Take a look, I think it does a good job of showing the power and beauty of the falls.

A beautiful day

I woke up to the sound of the heater and a nice warm house. Oops, I forgot I'm not in my house, I'm in the Minnie, but of course it is my house while I'm on the road. I made mini waffles for breakfast. 

After breakfast we went on a hike. We started at site 60 and took the trail until it came out at the day area of Sprague Brook Park. We walked around the area and found the hiking trail map at the shelter #2 bathroom board. The map was not very good, the best we could figure out there were about 10 miles of trails inside the park. Larry took a picture of the map so he had it in case he needed it. The map showed a trail in the day area so off we went to find it. We found it but there were no markers on it. After we had been on the trail for quite some distance we finally saw a sign that said Skunk Ridge. We hiked about a mile and then it turned into Creekside Trail. We had to cross the creek by rocks. Larry made it completely across no problem. I followed him across and was almost finished when I missed the rock and my right foot went into the creek. Now I had to finish the hike with a wet foot. It didn't take too long for the shoe to dry.

Sprague Brook Campground

Larry crossing the creek via rocks

Oops!!! I missed the rock

The playground across the street from our site

By the time we got back to the Minnie we had hiked for two hours, about 4 miles. It was a gorgeous hike through forest, old logging roads, by meadows, a creek and up and down small hills. The trails were moderate. You had to be careful because many places in the forest had lots of roots in the trail. The trail looks like it was very well used, it is also used by cross country skiers and mountain bikers.

As we hiked there were a lot of apple trees that had dropped apples all over the trail. We also have some apple trees in the campground. The apples are small, some are green others are red. We picked a couple of them and when we got back we put them in the fridge. Once they were chilled we tried them, they were too tart for us to eat.

Wild apples

We rested a little bit and then Larry barbecued sausage patties for lunch. For dinner I made tacos out of the left over patties. We spent the afternoon reading and I caught up on my Solitaire Daily Challenges. Because we have power I even did the World Tour Advent. We also walked around the campground a couple of times. We are having a lot of fun.      

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