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Saturday, September 7, 2019

THursday 9-5 Hiking Haymeadow Trails

Let's go hiking

This morning was brisk with the temperature in the 40s. I was glad I setup our Wave 3 heater. It runs on a very small amount of propane and we don’t have to use the furnace which uses a lot of propane and battery power.

Today we ended up doing a couple of hikes. The first was in the morning. The hike was 4.25 miles for a little over two hours. We walked through the forest and up and down hills. The trail was easy except when hiking up the hills. We were the only ones hiking the trails. The trails in Haymeadow Creek are used by horses, bikers and hikers. Because it's a National Forest dogs are allowed. We only saw a few areas with horse droppings. We heard a few birds but didn’t see any deer. The hike started with sunshine and in the 50s, by the time we got back to the campground it was overcast. We had a great hike.

The hiking trail

Crossing Haymeadow Creek

Haymeadow Creek

The hiking trail after crossing Haymeadow Creek

Hiking up a hill

After getting back we barbecued the rest of the Italian sausage for our lunch. It was a little nippy in the Minnie so Larry suggested having some biscuits. I lit the oven and baked some biscuits. It worked great at warming things up and the biscuits were delicious.

After lunch we decided to go for a walk. We ended up walking about 4 miles. We walked the main road to get to a unmaintained forest service road. It was an old logging road and easy to walk. We walked it until it came to a gate that was private property. Then we turned around and went back to the campground. While we were hiking we saw a young hawk. The trees were blowing just enough to rub against each other that they creaked. One thing about pine trees is it doesn’t take much wind to get them moving. We had another great hike.

In evening we relaxed inside with a book. We had a super day of hiking through the Hiawatha National Forest.

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