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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Saturday 8-31 Super Day of Dancing

Washington County Fair Park 
The mission of the County Fair Park

Attendance at WIPAC is up this year. There are 38 squares of dancers spread across four halls.

Started dancing DBD Plus at 9:30. The C1 hall opened at 10:00, we had seven squares and danced for two hours. It was computer operated so we had opportunity to dance with a lot of different level of dancers. We know some of the dancers because we dance with them in the Rio Grande Valley. The callers this morning were Jerry Story and Johnny Preston. They made it challenging and fun. We had a two hour break for lunch.

The afternoon C1 session was from 2:00 to 3:00, we danced to Tom Miller. He is not as dynamic as Jerry but he he a really good caller and a lot of fun. At 3:00 we walked around and visited the Plus hall, it had twelve squares of dancers and a few sitting out. We watched the dancers and they were having fun. We saw three young ladies dancing with five phantoms. They were excellent. We were really impressed, in C1 we dance with phantoms and it is extremely difficult. These girls were way better than us. After watching the plus dancers we went to the A2 hall and danced for a half hour. We knew a few people there. They had six squares. We danced a couple of tips to Jerry Story. Then we had a three hour break for dinner.

Joyce and Sue enjoy a break in between tips

Our friends dancing A2 to Tom's calling

Tom Miller calling

Sue and Dwayne from South Dakota

Larry enjoy his break with a friend

The three young ladies dancing plus with five phantoms
We were back dancing from 7:00 to 10:00. The first two hours we danced C1, there were seven squares. We danced to Jerry Story, Johnny Preston and Tom Miller. We had a great time. When the C1 hall closed we went to the A2 hall and danced to Jerry Story and Mike Hogan.

Kathy and Scott from Grand Rapids all dressed up for the dance

Barry and Joy from St. Louis

Having fun dancing with friends

Dancing with Lanny

Tom Miller and Jerry Story

We had an outstanding day of dancing with friends and to four great callers. Tomorrow morning we'll be back dancing at 10:00 after the Gospel Concert.    

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