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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Wednesday 9-18 Fall is coming!!!

Fall is just around the corner

As we are driving around eastern New York we have been noticing that the trees are starting to show their fall colors. We have been hiking in the forest and haven't seen a lot of the colors because the trees are mainly pine trees. Once in awhile we see another type of tree that changes color. It is so pretty seeing the reds, orange and greens.

Fall colors in New York

We started the day out by going on a two and a half hour hike, about 4 miles. We started at site 60, where the trail Y's we went to the left because yesterday we went to the right. We did see a couple of hiking maps and there were a few mile markers on the trees. We hiked along the creek, through the forest and crossed over creeks. The creeks today were easier because there wasn't a lot of water in them but we still had to use rocks. We had to walk over fallen trees, this was neat because the bicyclist had made a groove in the middle of the tree so they could get across them. During the hike we saw some birds hanging around in the forest, a deer on a ridge and a couple of ladies hiking the trails. We had another super hike.

Larry hiking over fallen trees

When we got back to the Minnie we had lunch. Then we went over to the bathrooms and took a shower. Afterwards we put things away and got the Minnie ready to go. On the way out we stopped by a bathroom in another loop and filled our water tank. Then we were on the road again.

We were going by a Walmart so we stopped and did a little grocery shopping. There was a Dollar Tree across the road so we walked over there to buy some cookies we like. We also filled the Minnie with gas.

Grocery shopping

The next stop was at Griffis Sculpture Park. As we were driving down the road to the park we saw some huge sculptures on the side of the road. We stopped and walked around, they were in the trees and a couple of large fields. The actual sculpture park was another mile down the road. The road was rough and the blacktop went away, this made the road rougher. Thank goodness there were a few signs for the park otherwise you couldn't find it. They had a map that helped you get around the park and look at the sculptures. We had to hike up a hill to get to the main sculptures. On the way up the hill there were sculptures. Once on top of the hill there was an open field with sculptures you can climb in. There were eight points of interest: 1)The trailhead, 2) The bathers, 3) Insects, 4) Amazons, 5) Castle Tower, 6) Griffis Family Heads, 7) The Maze 8) The Stage. The bathers were laying around and hanging out on a pond. The insects had all different types of bugs. The Amazons were hugh statues of ladies and men. The Castle Tower was cool because you can climb to the top. There were also a lot more sculptures in the area. Griffis Family Heads had some hugh statues of men and women. There were trails you can walk to more sculptures. The Maze was an area that actually looks like a maze, where there are sculptures all over the place. The stage is where they have concerts. After walking around and looking at the sculptures we walked a road back to the entrance. There must have been over 100 sculptures. The artist has a lot of talent and we liked many of the sculptures. We waked around about an hour.

Standing with a sculpture of a lady walking

Sculpture of a giraffe

Larry standing with a giant crab

A couple of women sculptures by the pond

Standing on the Castle Tower

Our final destination for the day was Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino. By the time we got to the casino it was 6:00. We had sandwiches for dinner. Then I walked over to the casino and gambled for a couple of hours. It's a very nice casino and has a non-smoking section. I spent the whole time in that area gambling. I had a great time.

By the end of the day we had hiked and walked 9.6 miles. We're tired but we had a super time.   

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