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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Saturday 9-14 Site Seeing

Our day started out overcast and windy, occasionally it sprinkled. By the afternoon the clouds went away and the sun came out. We woke up to 62 degrees and by the time we called it a day it was in the 70s. 

Larry drove about 190 miles, mostly on interstates but some on two lanes through small towns. We stopped at the Newton Street Art Barn. A few years back we had stopped at an art barn in Washington state, it was huge with multiple stories of art by local artist. It had paintings, metal sculptures, ceramics and many other displays so Larry thought it would be fun to stop at Newton Street Art Barn. When we got there we had to drive down a narrow driveway to a grass field. It wasn't RV friendly because of tree limbs coming over the drive. The people running the art barn were very friendly. The gentleman that owns the place talked to us a bit. He was excited we were from the states. He had a friend that lives in Fort Worth. One of the workers took us over to the barn. She told us they had items from over 200 artists on display. We were a little disappointed, it was very small, only a small part of the barn was used and it was more arts and crafts. They did have some cool stuff and the prices were very reasonable. It didn't take us long to walk through the barn. 

Some of the art on display in the art barn

Newton Street Art Barn

Our second stop was in Midland to walk through their downtown to see their murals. We drove through the downtown until we got to the marina where there was a big parking area. We parked the Minnie and then had lunch. After lunch we walked through the downtown. At the marina there was a nice statue dedicated to Trumpeter Swans. The downtown was very nice and had a lot of shops and cafes. We saw beautiful murals on the buildings on the history of the town. The murals were originally painted in the mid 90's and restored around 2004-2007. The murals had a lot of color. One building had murals about the actual department store that was in the building in 1895. We had a great walk around Midland Downtown.

Trumpeter Swan memorial

A cute mural

A mural about the Canadian Guider taking care of a hurt dog

A mural about the railroad

One of the murals about The Playfair Preston Company
Another mural about The Playfair Preston Company

A beautiful mural at the harbor

The last stop was at Albion Hills Conservation Area, it was 75 miles from Midland. It is part of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. It has electric and non-electric campsites, hike and mountain bike trails, a pool and splash pad and picnic areas. It is very nice with a lot of trees. We decided we would stay a couple of nights on a non-electric site.      

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