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Monday, September 16, 2019

Sunday 9-15 Rainy Day

Rainy Day

We woke up to an overcast day and rain was expected around 1:00. 

We didn't turn on the Wave 3 heater last night because it was only going to get down to the high 50's. When Larry woke up it was 54 degrees in the Minnie so he lit the heater, he knows I don't like to be cold. When I got up an hour and a half later it was about 66 and felt good. We may not have any electricity but we have plenty of propane. We have an oven with a three burner stove that runs on propane so I made pancakes for breakfast.

Camping at Albion Hills Campground

After breakfast we decided to go on a hike. Albion Hills has a lot of hiking and mountain bike trails. Each trail is marked with a colored arrow and the difficulty of the trail is listed on the trail map, a green arrow is easy, blue is moderate, black is very difficult and a double black is extreme difficult. We took the blue trail, which was 5.5 km. It took us through trees, over tree roots, up and down hills, through wetlands, over a small bridge and grassy areas. We saw a couple of ladies hiking with their dog. One of the bicyclist had his dog running with him, the dog stopped to sniff something and fell behind so he had to really run to catch his owner. I guess he found him because we didn't see him again. The trails had lots of markers but a couple were confusing, the marker was at an angle so you were unsure which way to go. We had a great hike.


An apple tree

Creek we crossed

Crossing over the creek

We finished our hike and were walking through the parking lot by our site, we saw a lot of cars showing up with bicycles on the back. We saw other people putting their bikes together and a couple of school buses were showing up. The University of Toronto was having an event.

We made it back just in time, by the time we got inside the Minnie the rain starting coming down. The rain started about 10:00 and was finished around 1:00. The event still went on as planned. We felt sorry for the bicyclist, by the time they were finished they had mud all over themselves and their bikes. They were lucky because Albion Hills has a bike wash station right at the parking lot. There was a constant line of bikers for over an hour using the bike wash. Some of them even used it on themselves. Other bicyclists used the restroom because it had showers.

Everyone was gone around 4:30 so we walked around the campground for about a half hour. When we got back I made dinner.

After dinner we decided to go and take a shower. We went to the restrooms but they were filthy with all the mud the bicyclists brought in. The men's room was being cleaned by a worker. He told Larry he probably wouldn't be done by the time he went home. We decided that we would walk to another loop and use their restrooms. This worked out great, the showers were bigger and had a knob and not a push button, they were also clean. We had a great day.

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