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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Tuesday 9-3 Windy Day

Hold on tight

It started raining early in the morning, the rain hung around until about 11:00. It was very windy most of the day but it wasn't cold. It got up into the 70s.

We stayed around the Minnie most of the day. It was so windy that Lake Michigan was white capping and you could hear the wave crashing into the shore, it looked like the ocean. When the rain stopped most of the campers got ready to go and left. While we were hanging around the Minnie we decided to try a snack that Larry's ma (Shirley) had sent us called Hello Panda Chocolate Filled Cookies. They are pretty good, they also have a little game for you to play while you eat the cookies, you try to find the Hello Pandas Sports Characters on each cookie.

Hello Panda cookies in one bag

After lunch we went for a walk around the campground and down to the day use area. There are steps that lead you to the beach. Due to the wind it was a yellow flag day. We walked around for about an hour and a total of 2.25 miles. From the Minnie we had seen the wind knocking something out of a nearby tree. We stopped by and discovered it was an apple tree. While walking around we noticed that some of the trees were starting to change into their fall colors. During our walk we went by the Bay Lodge, which is a building you can rent out. We enjoy looking at the CCC structures that were built in the 30s and are still being used. Well, there was a sign about a CCC structure so we checked it out. It was very pretty. As we were walking around the campground we took a trail to a lean-to shelter. When we got back we read until dinner.

The apples from a tree in the campground

The apple tree
The Bay Lodge

The CCC Structure in Wells State Park

For dinner I made baked potatoes, it had been a long time since we had them. Larry has to pester me before I make any type of potatoes. When I buy them I buy a five pound bag and usually I end up throwing a few of them away. 

After dinner we went for another 2.25 mile walk. This time we walked a trail that took us to the rustic cabins you can rent out. They have five and each one had a name on it so you can find the cabin you rented. The cabins were set up with bunk beds that were two high, you can have eight people in the cabin. It had a stove and oven and heat but no bathroom you have to go outside and use the privy. As we walked the trail it went through pine trees and along the shores of Lake Michigan. The wind had gone down so the lake had calmed down, no white caps. The trail was very easy to walk and you walked on grass. As we walked we saw a few lean-to shelters. After looking at the cabins we took another trail back to the Minnie. We had a very nice walk. 

One of the Lean-To shelters

The hiking trail

Larry playing with the water pump by the primitive camping area

One of the cabins you can rent

After our walk I went over to the restroom and took a shower. Each shower is in its own private room. The showers were very nice. They had a knob to adjust the temperature and soap holder tray. You can take as long a shower as you like and you didn't have to continue pushing a knob in for the water.

When I got back I finished a book called Courting Mr. Lincoln by Louis Bayard. It was a very good book about Lincoln's two best friends Mary Todd (his wife) and Joshua Speed and how they felt about each other during the courting period. Then I started another book called O Jerusalem by Laurie R. King.     

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