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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Wednesday 1-31 Windy Wednesday

Hold on tight

We had a beautiful sunny day with wind. The temperature got in the low 60s.

Larry wanted to wash the Minnie but it was too windy, instead we went town to do our weekly grocery shopping. Yesterday, the Aldi weekly add came out in the paper and Larry found some good deals. When I make a salad, which isn't that often, I like to put peppers in it. Aldi had a three pack of peppers (red, yellow and orange) on special and they also had pork ribs on sale for $1.99 a pound. We like their pulled pork so we picked up a couple packages. We walked around Aldi and looked at items they had and ended up doing most of our grocery shopping there. 

Grocery shopping

When we got home it was time for lunch. We shared a pepperoni calzone which we had bought at Aldi. 

After lunch I worked on my jigsaw puzzle and Larry played with the Echo. About 2:00 we decided to go back to town to finish our grocery shopping at HEB. When we finished it up we went across the street and picked up our mail at the UPS Store.

For dinner I barbecued a rack of pork ribs, could not eat them all so we have a few for left overs.

Pork ribs I barbecued
In the evening we watched an episode of GizWiz and YouTube videos. Then we started watching at television series from 1996-1999 called Black Harbour. We watched three episodes. It an ok series about a couple that moves back to their childhood town with their two daughters after the mother's mother got sick. We had a very windy Wednesday.    

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