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Monday, June 5, 2017

Sunday 6-4 Back to the Kitchen Project

Just having fun
After taking a day off of working on installing LED lights in the kitchen Larry went back to work on the project. He finished installing all the lights and wiring them in. The only thing left to do is cleaning up and tacking up the wires in the cabinets. We'll do this tomorrow. 

In the afternoon Larry and I went to Allemande Hall to dance A with our friends. This week we had six couples and Dale Smith was the caller. For one of the tips Dale decided to do three two couple squares and call moves for two couple squares. It was fun doing this but the more complex moves couldn't be called. So the closing tip was a four couple square. We had a great afternoon dancing and visiting with friends.

We got back to the house by 6:00. I barbecued a hamburger for Larry and a salmon burger for me. After dinner we watched our YouTube videos and started to watch American Epic on PBS. American Epic is a three part documentary on how ordinary people got the opportunity to make records for the first time. Robert Redford narrated the series. We watched two of the episodes The Big Bang and Blood and Soil. The Big Bang was about The Carter Family and Memphis Jug Band. Blood and Soil was about Charley Patton and Elder Burch record early Delta Blues. This documentary is very interesting and well put together. Then I worked on my puzzle and did my daily challenges. 

Watching television

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