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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Saturday 6-24 Starting Evening Surprise

Rainy Day
We woke up to a rain shower. It sprinkled on and off a good part of the day which kept the temperature in the low 80's but the humidity was high so it felt hotter. What should we do today? 

I decided to start another jig saw puzzle but which one should I do, I have six new puzzles to choose from. Larry suggested why not Terry Redlin's Evening Surprise. While we were on our Spring Trip we stopped by the Terry Redlin Art Center in Watertown, South Dakota. As we were walking through the center looking at his work we walked through the gift shops and found jig saw puzzles made from his work. We decided to purchase on Evening Surprise because of the wheat fields and the pheasants. I've been putting together 2,000 pieces puzzles and this one has 1,000 pieces so it shouldn't take quite as long to do. The pieces are larger than a normal puzzle so that will help the assembling to go faster. The puzzle came with a stand to put the box cover on so you can see what the puzzle looks like as you assemble it. I'm excited about doing this puzzle. 

The puzzle box on the stand

The piece on the left is from Evening Surprise and the other one is from Country Music

Before starting on the puzzle we watched a couple episodes of GizWiz. While watching the GizWiz I did daily challenges of Solitaire on the computer. Last night when I was doing the challenges I think I clicked something wrong and the challenges would no longer work. To fix the problem Larry had to setup the challenges on a different browser, now to earn all the badges I need to start the month all over again, not a problem since I love doing them. 

After watching the GizWiz Larry received an e-mail from The UPS Store saying we had a package waiting for us so we went to town to pick it up. The package was the last Seeds Program item for this month which was a Geeni Bulb.

When we got home Larry played with the Geeni Bulb. What so special about this bulb is that it works with Alexa. Alexa can change the color of the bulb and how bright you want the bulb. It is a cool bulb and works great. Larry played with changing the color to blue, red, green, purple and white. He also had Alexa have the brightness dim to 50% and 25%. He had a great time playing with it. Then he wrote a review on the bulb. 

Comparing the difference in size of the Geeni bulb and another light bulb
Changing the bulb to green

Changing the bulb to blue

Changing the bulb to red

When he finished doing this we watched our YouTube videos until it was time for dinner. After dinner we watched the rest of Fortitude. We weren't impressed by the series so we're not going to watch the second season. The acting was good but there was no ending and it had a lot of holes in the script. After finishing up Fortitude I started assembling Evening Surprise puzzle. We had a very nice day.  

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