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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monday 6-12 Playing with New Stuff

Exciting Day
We had a very exciting day.

We started the day out by watering the flowers we planted. It's amazing, all the rows have plants growing except for the front row. It has only been five days since we planted them. 

The flowers starting to grow

The next thing we did was go to The Home Depot to pick up a few things for Larry's next home project. 

We've had this big Weber gas grill for over ten years. I don't scrape the grates every time but when I do I use a wire brush. The other day Larry said something had poked into his gum while he was eating a hamburger. He had recently read that every year lots of people have to seek medical attention due to swallowing a piece of metal from the wire brush they use to scrape off the grill, some have even had to have operations. While we we in The Home Depot we looked at items for scrapping the grates, most of them were wire brushes but two were not, one was a stone scrapper and the other one was a Weber Heavy Duty Grate Grill Scrubber. We decided to try the Weber Grate Scrubber. When we got home I played with the scrubber. It came with directions on how to use it and three pads. It worked excellent except for one thing, the pad falls off the handle. When I told Larry about it he read reviews on different scrubbers for grills. The stone scrubber didn't get good reviews but the Weber grate grill scrubber got great reviews, the only complaint was that the pad falls off the handle. I guess I'll continue using it until we find something better.

The scrubber we bought

While I was working on my puzzle Larry received an e-mail from the UPS Store that said they received a package so back to town we went. The package was my new Wii Plus. It came a couple days early. The Wii Plus we got came with two controllers, two Nunchuks and the console. I only needed the console so when we got back to house Larry switched out the old console for the new one. Afterwards he had to configure it for me. Once it was ready to go I was back in business. You can't transfer the data from the old console so I have to start all over again. That's ok because now I can have fun playing some games I haven't played in a very long time. 

What the Wii Plus came with

The console we replaced

 In the evening Larry and I went to Sun City and danced with the Sundancers. Brad called to five squares. We had enough folks to do an A tip at the end of the dance. We had a great time dancing to Brad and with our friends.  

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