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Thursday, August 27, 2015

8-27 Another Busy Day!!!!

Doing Chores
We had another busy day getting ready to go. We're not sure exactly where we're going but that's the fun part of going on vacation. Larry started the day out by doing a couple of projects in the Minnie. The first project was installing the new clothes bar in the shower so I have someplace for square dance clothes. When we go camping we use the campground showers, they are bigger, have lots of hot water and don't fill up our holding tank, we then use our shower for storage. The next project was installing a TV antenna. When Larry was working to fix a leak on the roof he removed the antenna and sealed around it. Then he decided not to reinstall the antenna, instead he ordered a flat antenna that mounts inside. After Larry was finished with his projects I went back to loading up the Minnie for our trip.

New Clothes Bar
Our New TV Antenna
In the afternoon Larry and I went to town to stop the mail, return the Hot Spot that didn't work and go to the chiropractor. We left Flo at home where she could keep cool. 

Larry's Chiropractor
After dinner we finished up the first season of News Room and worked on a few more chores. Wow, what a day. 

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