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Sunday, August 16, 2015

8-15 Dance, Laugh, Eat and Be Merry!

Car Show

In the morning Larry and I went to a car show in Temple. It was too hot for Flo so she stayed home while we went to the show. When we got to the show there were only a few cars but we still walked around and looked at them. On the way home we drove around Morgan Point Resort just to see what was going on.

Doing Load-the-Boat
Doing a Grand Swing Thru with friends
Last night the Heart of Texas Square and Round Dance Association stated a two day dance called the Cornhuskers. They put this on every year. The first night the local callers and cuers host the dance. Last night we were told that there were five squares which is a great turnout. Today there were two dances, a plus dance this afternoon and the closing dance this evening. They were called and cued by Dave and Michelle Vieira who are from Lavon, Texas. We attended the plus dance. There were only two squares but we had a fun time.

We had a relaxing evening watching the 2014 movie Transformers on Amazon. It was a 2 hour 48 minute action movie. It was entertaining but they should have made the action scenes shorter. After the movie we watched a few episodes of TED.

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