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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Saturday 6-3 Brother Do

Brother Do Project
Louise called yesterday and said that her garage door wouldn't open, actually she could open the door manually but the automatic opener was not working. We live over an hour away so it is a bit of a drive to her house but we know how inconvenient getting in and out of your car to open and close the garage door is. Louise works and her schedule varies so we're not sure when she's off. This morning we decided to go to Round Rock and work on her garage door. Larry called and left her a message before we left the house to let her know we're coming by. She worked last night and is working tonight so he told her to go ahead and go to bed. When we got to her house we tried to be quiet so we wouldn't wake her up. We worked in the garage so it worked out great until we had to go inside for something. Her dog Alice barked and growled at us. Louise got Alice at Christmas time and Alice has only met us once so she really doesn't know us. Louise called her in her bedroom to calm her down. 

The first thing Larry did was test out the door opener to see what the problem was. He had worked on the door opener a few times and the last time he had replaced the springs and adjusted the door. This time he figured out that it was actually the door opener. Louise had bought the door opener at Sears years ago so Larry got on Sears website to check if they had another opener in stock. They did so off to Sears we went. When we got there the sign said they opened at 9:00 am on Saturday but it was 9:30 and they weren't open. We walked to the service area and they said that the store didn't open until 10:00. Larry had our tablet in the truck so we went to the Lowe's website to see if they had an opener that would work, they did so we went to Lowe's which was just down the street from Sears. 

Once we got back to Louise's we went about installing the door opener. First he had to remove the old door opener. The old one was a Craftsmen and the new one is a Chamberlain. Larry was hoping that the new opener would fit on the old opener railing and it fit perfectly. Once the opener was installed Larry made sure that the door worked. He was surprised that he didn't have to adjust the door at all. It closed perfectly. The new door opener came with two controller and a outdoor number pad that the old one didn't have. We have a number pad that opens the door from outside and we use it a lot. Larry installed the pad for Louise next to her garage door. Before installing the pad he keyed in a four digit code. I helped whenever he needed me to. After the garage door opener was replaced Larry parked Louise's car in the garage and we went home. It took Larry a few hours to do the project and that included having to track down a new opener. 

Taking the old door opener off the railing
Checking the chain alignment

Tightening up the chain

On the way home we stopped at Fuddruckers for lunch. We usually like their burgers and onion rings but today we weren't impressed. They had changed the bun on the sandwich and the onion rings also seemed different, but the service was very good.

When we got home Larry put his tools away. I laid down for a couple of hours. 

In the evening we watched our YouTube videos and I worked on my puzzle. We watched an Amazon movie called Denial, it was based on a true story. It was a 2016 movie about a Holocaust scholar who was sued by a Holocaust denier for libel. It was a good movie. Then we watched Dr, Blake Mysteries and did my daily challenges. We had a very nice day.


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