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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Friday 6-2 Doing This and That

Let's have fun

Larry, what's on the agenda today? He didn't hesitant with an answer. Let's do a new house project. 

Over the last couple of years Larry has installed strips of LED lights around our medicine cabinet and in the Minnie's closet, they have worked really well, now he decided he would like to install the lights on the bottom and top of the kitchen cabinets. He didn't have enough lights to do this new project so he order a couple more strips, they came in a few days ago. This morning he decided to start the project. He began the install and it came to a point where he needed a couple of things he did not have so off to town we went.

Before looking for the stuff Larry needed we stopped at the UPS Store to pick up the mail and a couple of packages. The next stop was Harbor Freight, we didn't find the correct wire nuts or heat shrink but we didn't leave empty handed, we bought some drill bits. The next stop was Lowe's where we located the correct wire nuts and we found the correct  heat shrink at O'Reilly Auto Parts.    

One of the packages that was waiting for us was the new boat cover, it is an inexpensive universal storage cover so it is not a perfect fit perfect but it's easy to put on and off and will work perfectly for what we wanted. Now the boat will be protected from the dust while it sits in the garage

New boat cover on the boat

The other package was a ZTE Mobley, you use this in your vehicle to make it into a wifi hot spot. After putting the cover on the boat Larry installed the Mobley in the car. It didn't take him long considering he had setup an AT&T account for the device. This device will come in handy when we go on our camping trips so we can have a internet connection.

New Hot Spot ZTE Mobley

After installing the Mobley and playing with it Larry went back to work on the light project. We worked on the project for a few hours and then called it a day. 

In the evening I did some laundry. We watched our YouTube videos and a DVD we rented from Google Play, they had a special and we rented it for $1.49. The DVD was Logan, he is one of the main characters from the X-Men movies. I didn't like the movie because it had more graphic violence than the X-Men movies and the language was bad, I guess that's the norm these days. I also didn't like the ending. Next I worked on my puzzle and did an hour workout with Just Dance. 

Relaxing in front of the television

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