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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Wednesday 6-12 Fabulous Day at the Lake

Fabulous Day at the Lake

This morning I worked on my puzzle and Larry read. For the last few days the neighbor had a crew putting in a wrought iron fence. The first day three gentlemen installed the upright rails. Yesterday, two of the gentlemen installed the rest of the fence around the back yard, they finished except for one piece because the landscaping crew needed a place to come in and out. Yesterday the landscaping crew showed up and installed the irrigation system. Afterwards they used a small bob cat to smooth out the dirt for the yard. Then they brought in sod and laid it down. When they finished laying the sod they put mulch around the trees. After they finished the backyard they moved to the frontyard. While the crew was working on the frontyard one of the guys worked on the sprinkler system. He adjusted the heads and watered the sod. The crew worked on the yards for the last two days and worked very hard.

After lunch we went to the lake. We put in at Rogers park and drove to the Hwy 36 bridge where we floated for a bit. The drive to the bridge and back was very nice. Once back to where the truck was we both flew the air chair and did a set of wake surfing. We spent a couple hours on the lake. It was a prefect day to be on the lake, not too hot and just a small breeze.

Lake Belton at the Hwy 36 bridge

Larry enjoying air chairing down the lake

Having a great time air chairing

Larry crossing the wake on the surf board

Wake surfing down the lake

When we got home Larry decided to mow the yards. While he was mowing I weedeated and blew off the driveway and front porch. After we finished the yardwork I barbecued some seasoned pork for dinner.

Larry mowing the backyard

The yard finished being mowed

In the evening we watched a couple of episodes of Foyle's War. I watched a few episodes of Murdock Mysteries. We had a fabulous day.


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