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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Monday 6-17 Dancing with the Sundancers

Smile and be happy

We had a very nice day. We started it out by going to town to do a little shopping. The first stop was Walmart and then we went to the Home Depot to buy some weed and feed for the yard. We had bought hangers there in the past and I wanted to buy some more but they no longer have the ones I wanted. We walked over to Target and they did not have what I wanted either. Afterwards we went to Belton to the UPS Store to pick up a package and the mail.

Last year Larry replaced the carburetor on the motorcycle with a new aftermarket one. It works fine but he would like to fix the original carburetor, at the time the only way to get parts for the original Yamaha carburetor was to purchase the individual pieces from Yamaha and the pieces cost much more than the aftermarket carburetor. There is now an inexpensive after market rebuild kit so Larry decided to try and fix the original carburetor.  

In the afternoon I worked on my puzzle and Larry worked on rebuilding the motorcycle carburetor. He replaced the parts in the carburetor with the parts that were in the kit. 

Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Sumo Carburetor Rebuilt Kit

In the evening we went to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers and Brad Caldwell. It was a quiet evening. For the Plus class we had three squares, we learned: Peel the Top, Diamond Circulate and Flip the Diamond. We also reviewed the moves we already learned. For the dance we had three squares. By 8:45 everyone had left except for four couples of Advanced dancers. We ended up dancing 30 minutes of Advanced. Brad did an excellent job of calling. We had an outstanding night of dancing with friends and to Brad. 

Square dancing with friends

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