Pictures From October 2018 - It's All About Having Fun!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Tuesday 1/29/19 January Summary

Just having fun

We have been in the Rio Grande Valley a little over a month and are still having fun. We normally dance 10 times a week all to outstanding callers: Darryl Lipscomb, Bronc Wise, Joe Saltel and Randy Dougherty. We also danced to Ron Beltzelberger when he covered for Joe. We're in our fourth week of learning C1 moves. Learning something new takes time. The more floor time we get the better we will be, that's why we're taking lessons from three callers Darryl, Bronc and Randy.

We attended five different entertainment shows (Helen Russel & Company, Dale & Gail, Adam Pope, Billy Droze and Darren & Shelly).

At J5 we have participated in a few things (Garage/Bake Sale, Sloppy Joe Lunch, New Year Hamburger Dinner, Movie Night, Island Time Party and Card Bingo Thursday nights).

We walked around the Wetlands, McAllen Nature Trails and Don Wes Flee Market. We attended a Pancake Breakfast and McAllen Carfest. We have been having fun with friends and meeting new friends. 

Adam Pope

Helen Russel & Company

Billy Droze

Edinburg Scenic Wetlands blind

Dancing with friends and to Bronc Wise

Dancing with friends and to Randy Dougherty

Ron Beltzelberger, me and Ron Woolcock

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