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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Saturday 1-5 Super Saturday

We had another beautiful sunny day, it got up to 80. 

We started the day out by attending the park's get together. More and more people are showing up. This park is not a huge park and it is filling up, I think there are fewer open spots than we have seen before. They announced that tomorrow was movie night and the movie is going to be Crazy Rich Asians. Monday will be the Ham and Bean dinner.

After the get together we went to Don Wes Flea Market. We go every year, it's not too big so it didn't take too long to walk through it. There is a vendor that sells beautiful western shirts, we bought one for Larry. 

Larry's new shirt

When we bought Larry's last pair of tennis shoes at Academy they gave us a $10 off coupon if you made a purchase of $50 or more. We stopped by Academy to see if they had a pair of the white tennis shoes Larry wears but they only had black.

For lunch we stopped at McAlister's Deli. When we went to the location in Waco we shared a salad and they split it on two different plates. Today they brought us the full salad on one plate. We explained to the server we were going to share the salad so he went and got another plate and more silverware, then Larry split the salad. The salad tasted great.

I told you yesterday that I was going to read the fourth book in a series. I really wanted to read the series from the beginning so Larry found the first book of the series on Amazon for $1.99, he purchased it and in seconds it was on my Kindle.

Every Saturday night Joe Saltel has an Ice Cream Social Dance where he serves Klondike Bars and Fudgesicles. Joe had to attend a birthday party for his grandchild so he asked Ron Beltzelberger to call for him. This was the first time we have danced to him and he was very good. He called at the right speed and did a super job. We had seven squares. Ron Woolcock cued the rounds. There were 11 couples. We had a great time dancing to Ron. 

Ron Beltzelberger (orange shirt), me and Ron Woolcock (blue shirt)

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