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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Tuesday 12-18 Getting the Minnie Ready

I'm excited

Today started out with a little fog.

We haven't had cable TV for many years, for our local TV we use an antenna in the attic, it allows us to receive both local and Austin stations. When we moved in Larry installed two antennas in the attic but could not get them to work together so we only use the one. This has worked sufficiently but at times the wind will knock out some of the Austin stations, normally PBS. The other day Larry saw a YouTube video from a gentleman who made two antennas work in his home, today Larry spent most of today trying to get our antennas to work together. He had limited success but he learned a bit, maybe he will work on it a bit more after we are back from The Valley. 

While Larry worked on the antennas I started to get the Minnie ready for our Rio Grande Valley trip. Then I worked on some Sudoku puzzles and my annual book. After Larry finished working on the antennas I worked out a half hour with Gold's Gym and a half hour with Just Dance.

In the evening we watched TV via Amazon and Acorn. We had a great day.

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