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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Friday 12-21 First Day of Winter

First Day of Winter

Today was the first day of Winter but it seemed more like Spring. The sun was shining and it got to the low 60s. There was no wind.

We started out the day by doing a few errands. The first stop was at Dollar Tree, then Aldi's we don't go to Aldi often. Aldi carries different products than other grocery stores and we find products that sound good to try. We like their shredded pork with barbecue sauce so we bought a few packs of it. WE also bought a pack of dates wrapped in bacon because it sounded good.

The final stop was at Academy to buy a pair of shoes for Larry. It's always hard to find a shoe you like, once you find one when you go back to get another pair the store is either out of stock or the supplier has discontinued the style. Today Larry found the shoe he currently wears in black but they didn't have white. We bought the black pair and when we got home he checked Academy's website and found that the white color was being discontinued. Now we'll have to find another style of shoes.

For dinner we had the date wraps with bacon, they were delicious. We had potatoes and gravy to go with them.

In the evening we went to the Killeen Kickers dance. We had three squares of dancers. The club served a lot of delicious food. Dan Clairmont, their caller called seven tips and Christina Wiggins cued line dancing in between the tips. They both did great job. We had fun dancing with friends. 

Concentrating on listening to Christina cuing

Barb line dancing with friends
Line dancing with Christina

Friends having fun promenading home

Having a great time dancing

Having a super time dancing to Dan

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