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Friday, December 7, 2018

Thursday 12-6 New Kitchen Toy

Dreary Misty Day

We had a nasty day, it misted all day. The weather did not stop the construction crew from showing up behind us to work on the foundation. The plumbers completed their work the other day so the foundation crew showed up today to clean out the trenches and bag more dirt. Then they covered the the dirt with plastic and started to install the rebar. I was impressed, the weather was cold and nasty and they still worked all day.

The other day while we were watching the GizWiz, Chad demonstrated a Whiskware Batter Mixer. The Whiskware Batter Mixer is a handheld mixer for pancake mix and it worked really well for Chad. Larry ordered one and surprised me with it today. I used it for dinner using Aunt Jemima Complete Pancake Mix. I put the water into the container, added the mix and added the wire whisk. Then I shook up the mixture to make the batter. Once the griddle was up to temperature I squeezed the bottle and formed the pancakes. The pancakes came out perfect and the mixing bottle was super easy to clean.

Whiskware Batter Mixer
The finished product

In the afternoon I did my weekly house cleaning.

Weekly house cleaning

Larry and Patricia met up with us to go to Sun City for the Sundancers weekly A2 dance. We had exactly enough people for two squares. The first hour we only danced to the tapes with one square because we needed someone to run the computer. It went very smoothly. The last half hour both squares danced. We had a good night of dancing with friends.      

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