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Monday, December 31, 2018

Sunday Pre-New Year Dance

A cold dreary day

It was a cold dreary day, it didn't get out of 40s. We stayed around the Minnie all day keeping warm. We read and watched a few YouTube videos.

Every year Joe Saltel has a Pre New Year Eve dance at the Tropic Star. Ron Woolcock cues the round dancing. You purchase a ticket and you're assigned a table to sit at. There are 10 people at each table and each person got a New Years hat, horns and candy. This year' dance theme was Broadway Shows, Joe called to different Broadway show songs. Everyone also got a plate with a ham sandwich, bag of chips, pudding with an Oreo cookie and punch. While the dancers ate Joe sang Broadway Show songs. After the meal everyone went in the middle of the hall and pretended that it was midnight on New Year Eve and welcomed in the new year. Then Joe did a singing call. We danced every tip of square dancing. There were almost 20 squares of dancers and quite a few round dancers. We had a super time dancing with friends and meeting new people.

Joe entertaining us while we ate

Ron cuing the round dancers

Round dancing to Ron cuing

Friends enjoying round dancing to Ron

Friends having fun round dancing

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