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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Friday 8-17 Birthdays Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Due to Larry and I taking an extended trip every fall we pick another day to celebrate not only our birthdays but also Louise's birthday. Today was the day we decided to celebrate our birthdays.

I got up early and prepared our birthday lunch. I made skewered grilled potatoes and stuffed hot peppers. This time I used hatched green chili peppers, they gave the dish more flavoring but were not hot. I prepared the dishes and cooked them up when it got closer to lunchtime. 

Louise showed up at 9:00 with Alice and then we went to the lake. Due to the wind we hadn't been to the lake at all this month. We were very excited about going and this was Louise's second time out this year to go to the lake. There was a small amount of wind but Larry and I each did a wakeboard set and then we went to find smoother water for Louise to waterski. We found some really nice water and Louise was able to get up on the slalom ski. She had a great run. Afterwards we swam. There weren't a lot of people on the lake, we saw a few fishermen. We also saw a small plane and a military helicopter. Our lake day was very peaceful.

Louise skiing down Belton Lake

Larry and Louise swimming

Way to go Larry crossing the wake

When we got home I completed the dishes I had prepared earlier by cooking them on the grill. They came out delicious. Louise brought a German Chocolate cake for dessert which was also delicious. After lunch we opened our gifts. We got a lot of super gifts such as snacks to take with us on our trip, gifts cards for Amazon and I got some Sudoku puzzle books. We had a wonderful birthday celebration with Louise and Alice.

One big happy family

Look at all the Birthday gifts

Larry having fun

I'm so tired

Opening my presents

Louise having fun opening her gifts

After Louise and Alice left we went to town to pick up a couple packages at the UPS Store. They were two different speakers from the Seeds Program. Now Larry has another project. When we got home he started playing with the speakers. It's going to be hard to review them considering he only has two single speakers.

In the evening we went to Killeen to dance with the Killeen Kickers. There were enough people for three squares and a few people sitting out. Dan called seven tips and Christina did line dancing in between the tips. The club supplied a lot of delicious food. We had fun dancing with our friends. 

Having fun square dancing with friends

Louis celebrating getting home

Line dancing with friends

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