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Friday, September 8, 2017

Wednesday 9-6 Tunnel Campground in Banff

Having Fun!!!!
We spent two nights camped at the Tunnel Campground #1 in Banff National Park in Canada. Tunnel is a beautiful campground with a lot of pine trees. There are hiking trails to hike but we didn’t do too much hiking considering the smoke was so bad

There is a small town called Banff with shops and restaurants for tourist to visit. I’m not a shopper so we didn’t walk through the shops. There is a gondola in Banff that you can ride to the top of the mountain, it cost $62 Canadian but if you book in advance you save 10%. On top of the mountain there is a restaurant where you have a beautiful view of Banff and for the princely sum of $115 you can ride the Gondola up and have dinner. Banff has Public Transportation, $5 gets you an all day pass.

Today we walked to a short hiking trail called Hoodoo Trail, it over looks the river and has a view of the Banff Springs Hotel. We walked the trail and I took a couple pictures but the smoke was too bad to get good pictures. As we walked the trail we saw a couple of nice chairs called Barn Sparrows. After doing the trail we walked to Tunnel Campground #2 to catch the bus to go to town. We stopped by the Visitor Center and picked up some information. Then we caught the bus to the Gondola, we didn't ride the Gondola we simply rode the bus up and back. Then we changed buses to get back to the campground. The bus drivers were very friendly and helpful. They made sure you got of at the right place.

A view of the mountains from the hoodoo trail

Barn Swallow chairs

The river that flows through Banff

In the afternoon we sat around the campground and read. It was a relaxing afternoon. When it was time for dinner Larry barbecued the rest of the Hatch Chili pork sausage patties. We spent the rest of the evening reading. We had a nice time at Tunnel Campground.

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