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Friday, September 1, 2017

Wednesday 8-30 Playing Games

Day of playing games

There were no workshops scheduled today which left everyone free to do what they wanted. Larry and I don't have a tow vehicle so we hung around the resort. We started out by playing a game of miniature golf. Then we walked to the recreation center where we shot a game of pool and played air hockey. We had a great time considering we hadn't played any of these games since we were at Fun Valley two years ago.

Playing miniature golf 

Shooting pool

Getting ready to play air hocky

The other night Betty and I signed up to play Polish horseshoes. After Larry and I finished playing games it was time to meet up with Betty to practice. Larry hung around and kept score for us. Betty and I hadn't played Polish horseshoes in a long time so we were a little rusty. Once we were warmed up we did good. We ended up playing three games.

Practicing Polish horseshoes with Betty

After lunch Larry and I took a walk around the park. While walking we saw Betty and visited with her. We were heading back to the Minnie when Betty invited us over to her trailer to play a game with her husband Howard. The game was called Jokers and Marbles. We had never played it before so Howard and Betty had to explain the rules. The game is a board game using marbles and three decks of cards including the Jokers. The object is to move your marbles around the board using the cards. Each card has a role to take and tells you which direction to move your marbles. You are playing as an individual but you can help your partner out, who is seating opposite you. The game is over when both you and your partner gets all the marbles around the board. We played three games and had a super time with Betty and Howard.

Jokers and Marbles game board

The theme for tonight's dance was Angels and Devils. Some of the dancers dressed up for the part. We had eight squares and round dancers. Howard asked me to dance one of the round dance tips, I am not a round dancer but it was an easy dance and he cued me very well. Once again Brad did a super job of calling and Jerry and Lucy did an excellent job of cuing. After the dance there was an after party where the dancers were responsible for the entertainment. We had a gentleman that played a harmonica, a group of ladies (5) dressed up like cows and line danced to a cow song and there were three very short skits. For our snack there were peanut butter, saltine crackers, vegetables with a ranch dip and sodas. We had a very fun evening.     

People socializing during the Angels and Devils Dance

Paula and Brad round dancing to Jerry cuing
Jerry and Betty round dancing to Lucy cuing

The five ladies line dancing to the cow song


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