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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Friday 9-29 Having Fun!!!

We had a fun day in North Dakota

We woke up to fog. The fog was so thick we couldn't see the trees in the park or the highway so we hung around until the fog had lifted. While waiting we straightened up the Minnie. 

After spending the night at Archie Campbell Memorial Park we headed south to Jamestown, North Dakota. Larry did some research on different things to do in North Dakota and found they have the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown. Jamestown was 50 miles south of New Rockford and the museum didn't open until 10:00. We left the park around 9:00 and got to the museum about 10. We were glad they had signs to direct you to the museum because there was only one way in. Our GPS got us to Jamestown but tried to send us someplace that would not have been the museum. Larry had read that the museum was located in Frontier Village, which is a cute little town for tourists to walk around. It looked like an old west town with different buildings from that era and you can see how people lived during the era. There were a couple of shops for people to walk through and buy stuff. One was an antique shop with a lot of different leather items such as belts, wallets, hats,  moccasins and coats. Another shop had art items. The items in both shops were made locally. It was fun walking around the town and through the two shops. The biggest attraction in Frontier Village is the World's Largest Buffalo Monument, it is 26-feet tall, weighs 60 tons, it is made of steel and concrete. It's been watching over Jamestown since 1959. The statue is named Dakota Thunder. There is a herd of buffalo on site and there is a white buffalo in the herd. After walking around Frontier Village we walked through the museum. The museum was very nice. It had a twenty minute movie and exhibits about the American buffalo. The biggest attraction in the museum was the Albino buffalo which is known as Dakota Miracle. There is a viewing area, where you can see the herd of buffalo. We saw the herd and the white buffalo really stands out. We had fun walking around Frontier Village and the National Buffalo Museum.

Entrance to the National Buffalo Museum

Frontier Village

The World's Biggest Buffalo
The white buffalo 
The white buffalo exhibit in the museum

A tepee exhibit in the museum 

When we finished walking around we went back to the Minnie and had a sandwich. Then we continued south to Fargo. Fargo is the most populated city in North Dakota. Fargo got famous via the 1996 movie Fargo, it was about a murder where the body was destroyed in a wood chipper. The Visitor Center has the original chipper from the movie. It was a nice visitor center and the workers were very helpful They served freshly made popcorn and coffee.

A statue of a buffalo on the Visitor Center grounds 

The Visitor Center in Fargo

After picking up information in the Visitor Center we swung by Walmart, we did a little grocery shopping and picked up a chicken for dinner. We hadn't had a chicken from Walmart in a long time. Usually we when we're on our long trips we pick one up multiple times. We can get a couple of meals out of it. They're delicious. 

After doing our shopping we drove to Hankinson. Larry found a casino that is right outside of Hankinson called Dakota Magic. The RV parking area was closed due to the casino expanding but there was a truck parking area. We went to the truck parking and it was in a dirt area so we moved over to the main parking lot and parked there. After having dinner Larry walked me to the casino. It didn't have a non-smoking area which was very disappointing but I still gambled. I gambled for a few hours and did very well. I didn't lose any money, in fact I came out a little ahead. We had a very fun day.      

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