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Saturday, January 30, 2016

1-29 A Fabulous Friday

A Fabulous Friday
We had a fabulous day. The sun was shining the rain was gone and there was little wind. We attended a morning donut dance at Sunshine RV Resort in Harlingen where Nelda Eaton was the caller, we have danced to her a couple times with the Double C's in Copperas Cove, they have her call a gospel dance once a year. Shirley Heiny cued the rounds. After the dance we stopped for lunch. We first stopped at a Mexican fast food restaurant, we were standing near the counter reading the menu and not only were we having troubles interpreting the menu but the prices were really high, we decided to go somewhere else. A bit further down the road we saw a Denny's, we had not eaten at Denny's for many years so we decided to give it a try, the menu was large, the prices reasonable and the food was very good. We shared a large Zesty Nachos and an Apple Carmel Crisp for dessert. We got home earlier than usual and Flo was asleep on the floor. While taking her for a walk we stopped and visited with our neighbor and his dog Doser. We had a very nice visit. There was only one plus dance today so we hung out with Flo the rest of the day.

When we decided to come down to the valley we were not sure if we would like it so we had reserved a RV spot and a rental car for a week. Today Larry went by the office and extended our stay for another week and called the rental car company to extend our rental. We will probably head home next Saturday.

Shirley Heiny cuing the round dancing and the line dancing
Line Dancing to Shirley Heiny
Line dancing with the Sunshine dancers
Nelda Eaton calling the dance
Square dancing to Nelda
More square dancing to Nelda

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