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Thursday, January 28, 2016

1-27 Another Super Day in The Valley

Dancing with Joe Saltel
It drizzled on and off all day, the wind was blowing out of the north so it was cold but that didn't stop us from dancing. This morning we attended a Plus Dance at Tropic Star in Pharr called by Joe Saltel. The hall is only ten miles away and it was an amazing dance, Joe had 30 squares on the floor. We were told by some of the dancers that the other day there were 40 squares. The squares were lined up three across and ten down the hall. It was tight with 30 squares we could only imagine how tight it was with 40 squares. Joe did one line dance, he didn't walk us through it but he did dance it with us. I danced every square dance tip so I couldn't take any pictures but Larry took pictures of the line dance, which I participated in. The dance was a lot of fun. Joe was an excellent caller and was very energetic. 

Joe Saltel showing the line dancers the moves
Joe dancing with the line dancers
Line dancing with Joe

After the dance we had lunch at Tower Burger. Really good burgers but I think I like Fuddruckers better.

In the evening Larry and I attended a DBD Plus workshop held in Mission at El Valle Del Sol by Jerry Story. Jerry worked on rotating around the square in different positions, a half of scoot-back and scoot-back one and a half. He had taught us the scoot-back one and a half the other night in Austin and Randy Dougherty taught it a couple of days ago. But tonight Jerry taught it a differently. Now we know how to do it two different ways. We had a fun night.

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